Welcome to the Secure and Trustworthy Execution Platforms (STEP) group at KTH!

You can access thesis and publications in the dedicated Publications page.


Ning's 80% seminar

Ning did his 80% seminar titled “Building a Trustworthy Stack: Formal Verification of Low-Level Hardware and Software.” Read more about Ning’s work on the Machine-Independent Language and the formally verified pipelined processor.


Anoud's 50% seminar

Anoud did her 50% seminar titled “HOL4P4: A Formal Semantics for P4 Programs.” Read more about her work on P4 formalization.


Didrik's 80% seminar

Didrik did his 80% seminar titled “Formal Verification of Binary Code and Programmable Networks.” Read more about his work verification of binary code and formalization of P4.


The 5th European P4 Workshop

Anoud Alshnakat and Didrik Lundberg attended EuroP4’22 in Rome, Italy. They presented their work on HOLP4: semantics for a verified data plane.


Henrik's 30% seminar

Henrik Karlsson did his 30% seminar on the design and implementation of a dynamic separation kernel.


CDIS Fall Retreat 2022

Henrik Karlsson presented his work on the design and implementation of a dynamic separation kernel at the CDIS Fall Retreat.


Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design 2022

Jonas Haglund, Karl Palmskog, and Ning Dong attended FMCAD 22. The following papers from KTH STEP were published at FMCAD 22, Formally Verified Isolation of DMA, and Foundations and Tools in HOL4 for Analysis of Microarchitectural Out-of-Order Execution.